As any pandemic bride would know, planning a wedding with uncertainty really takes the excitement out of your big day. Wedding dress shopping was not an experience I looked forward to initially given inability to celebrate and the restrictions that comes with the pandemic. From the initial appointment booking to the day of, the staff at Lisa’s Bridal has been nothing short of amazing. Based on the notes on my intake email, my stylist Alice and the owner Nelson already prepared a selection of dresses within my budget. As I tried each one on she asked me questions about what I liked/didn’t like and how I felt in the dresses. After a few no’s, Nelson appeared with two additional options he pulled from a special collection. One particular dress he pulled was beautiful but wasn’t quite what I wanted. Alice could read my face and immediately addressed my concern and told me not to worry about the illusion neckline as this can be altered to a strapless style. I was impressed she knew what I was thinking and from there we were able to have a detailed discussion on what alterations can be made to make this the dress of my dreams. When I had trouble fully picturing the changes, they were kind enough to bring Gabby (the in house seamstress) over to answer our questions. Alice, Nelson and Gabby did an amazing job bringing the excitement back in this experience and working with me to find my dream dress. Visit Lisa’s Bridal if you want a 10/10 experience and to say Yes to the Dress!

Janice C.

Google Review April 2021

I can not say enough amazing things about Lisa’s bridal! Lorena was my stylist a couple weeks ago and blew me away with her knowledge of everything. She answered all of my questions and was generally very pleasant. She emailed me prior to the appointment and had dresses already pulled. She even took notice of my body type to give me suggestions on what might look best. I ended up buying my dress that day and later they even mailed me swatches of fabric that matched my dress so I could find the perfect veil! The store itself is gorgeous and very well kept and I will suggest them to everyone from now on.

Paige H.

Google Review March 2021

So lovely and knowledgeable in there, eased all my nerves and found the perfect dress. Went back to be sure and both my stylist Mena and Julia were amazing, super helpful but no pressure. Fantastic experience both times.

Siun S.

Google Review April 2021

I absolutely loved my experience at Lisa’s bridal, my consultant Alice was very kind and patient with me. I must have tried on over 15 dresses, but she was so awesome at pulling dresses she thought I would love! For sure I went over the alloted time frame for my apt, but she never made me feel rushed or pressured into choosing one! In the end she found the perfect match for me! Would definitely recommend this bridal store – staff are very friendly, honest and patient. 5/5 service. Thanks again Alice for all your help! I can’t wait to try on my dress once it comes in!

Jade J.

Google Review March 2021

I had a fantastic experience at Lisa’s Bridal! My stylist Mena had a beautiful selection of dresses within my budget ready when I arrived — it was my first time trying on dresses and I wasn’t sure where to start. Mena made me feel at home and was so patient as I got my family on a zoom call. She ensured I had a variety of styles to test out, and brought in new dresses as my preferences began to form. The first dress she pulled ended up being the perfect match! I wanted some time to think about it and there was no pressure to make a decision that day. I happily ordered my dress with Mena a few days later! The rest of the team was transparent, kind, and answered any questions about the purchase. I wanted a low-key, low-pressure experience and Mena + the Lisa’s team fit that vibe perfectly. Looking forward to working with them on alterations, thank y’all so much!

Hillary D.

Google Review February 2021

Julie was my stylist and she was amazing! I gave her some photos for inspo and she was spot on with the choices. She was very thorough and made sure that I loved the dress before saying yes. If you ever need to find THE wedding dress, Julie is your girl!

Jenn D.

Google Review January 2021

My stylist Lorena helped make my experience at Lisa’s Bridal wonderful. She contacted me in advance to get an idea of what I would like, and had pulled multiple dresses even before I had arrived. She was also always respectful of my budget. I ended up finding my perfect dress at Lisa’s!

Meagan P.

Google Review January 2021

Charlotte was amazing. She contacted me a week in advance to see what types of styles I liked and when we walked in she had a selection on display for us to review. It was my first time trying on dresses and as a heavier bride to be I was a bit nervous about the whole process. Charlotte listened to all our feedback, made great recommendations, made me feel me feel completely at ease and ensured that the whole process was a lot of fun. We went to a few other stores afterwards to try on other dresses, but ultimately ended up purchasing my dress from Lisa’s Bridal thanks to Charlottes stellar customer service.

Christina F.

Google Review January 2021

You need to ask for Rita when you go to Lisa’s bridal. She helped my sister and now me find the dress of my dreams! You think with covid the experience would be different and potentially not as special. That is NOT the case at Lisa’s Bridal. They welcomed you with a warm hand towel, and treated you as royalty. Showing you dresses and having your own space with your loved ones to try on dresses. No rush for time in the mirror. Rita was amazing and truely a consultant looking for your dress!!!

Lisa S.

Google Review January 2021

I had a wonderful experience with the lady that helped me, Rita. She took time to listen to what I wanted, even though I wasn’t 100% sure of what type of dress would suit me. But she nailed it! The very first dress I tried on that she selected for me was the one and it fit perfectly. Rita made the experience so much fun and a memory I will cherish forever.

Ashley B.

Google Review January 2021

I had such a great experience at Lisa’s Bridal. I’ll admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the idea of shopping for a wedding dress but my stylist, Julie was more helpful than I could have imagined! She emailed me the day before with a few questions and when I showed up, she already had a bunch of dresses picked out that were in line with what I wanted. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful all while staying in budget! I actually had 2 appointments for the same day so I couldn’t commit to saying “yes to the dress” right away but I went back after my other appointment and she was waiting for me with my chosen dress to try on one more time. I felt so spoiled and she made my decision so easy! Thanks Julie and everyone at Lisa’s who made this day so special for me!

Nikki E.

Google Review January 2021

As this was the 4th bridal store I visited I am able to compare my experiences and by far my time at Lisa’s bridal was the best. The staff provided a positive, comfortable and stress free experience for myself, my mom and one of my bridesmaids. I was impressed with their extensive selection ( I felt they had the best selection compared to the other stores I visited). My stylists Mena and Nelson, were wonderful and contributed to making the experience, positive, memorable and special! I ended up saying “yes to the dress”!

Alyssa G.

Google Review December 2020

Mena, my wedding dress consultant, was extremely thoughtful in pre-picking possible wedding dress options that I had previously mentioned during the appointment booking. Taking everything I had noted, including the dress silhouette, neckline, and budget, Mena, was very attentive to me during the try on. Mena was courteous and personable to myself, my mom and best friend. At no point did I feel any pressure or sense of being overwhelmed because Mena was ever so patient with me and the many dresses I tried on.

Colleen L.

Google Review October 2020

My experience at Lisas Bridal has been amazing. I’ve been to a couple of bridal stores prior to the appointment and was underwhelmed by the selection of dresses but I was blown away by the styles at Lisa’s Bridal. My stylist Julie was awesome and emailed me a couple of days in advance to get a feel of what I liked and when I arrived, she had a lot of choices already picked out that I could try on. It was a really fun experience and I ended up buying my wedding dress from Lisa’s Bridal!

Annie R.

Google Review October 2020

I simply can’t say enough amazing things about Lisa’s Bridal + my consultant, Mena. She emailed me beforehand with a questionnaire to get an idea of what styles i loved – all of the dresses she pulled for me were perfect && within budget. When it came to anything I had in mind, they were so accommodating and willing to do whatever to make my dream dress come true. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend! 🙂

Breanna T.

Google Review October 2020

I had my in store bridal dress shopping experience just before the pandemic occurred and had a great time! It was the second bridal shop I visited, so I somewhat had an idea of what I wanted. Kyra was my consultant and she was so patient and kind as I tried on so many dresses with my bridesmaids in tow. She was so knowledgeable and pulled so many beautiful dresses and never rushed me. When I couldn’t decide between 2 dresses, there was no pressure from her. I came back the following week to make my final decision and Kyra was just as patient as ever. The other consultant at the front of the store (I can’t recall her name) advised me to order the dress in a certain size based on my measurements. Shortly after, lockdown was in place and I expected delays; however, my dress arrived 4 weeks before I anticipated! When I went back to pick up my dress, Covid-19 safety protocols were in place and I felt safe visiting the store and trying on my dress before taking it home. Based on the aforementioned consultant’s advice, the dress fit like a glove and alterations were only needed for the hem, straps, and bustles. I would highly recommend Lisa’s Bridal!

Catherine P.

Google Review Fall 2020

Everything was well organized for the appointment and the salon laid out their COVID expectations and protocols easily and clearly. I felt safe and doted on for the whole appointment. Kyra did a fantastic job pulling dresses that suited exactly what I was looking for. While it was good to try some things I may not have considered right away, I am impressed to say I did end up choosing one of the very first dresses she selected for me, even prior to meeting me! Just based on the quick survey she gave me leading up to the appointment, she nailed it. The salon did not make me feel badly for having such a quick turnaround time for the wedding and they all treat you like gold regardless of your budget. Gaby from alterations was so calm and confident in her work you cannot help but trust what she can do with her skills. The dress fit beautifully after she worked her magic. Thanks so much to Lisa’s Bridal and team for a wonderful experience. Proud to have you part of the community, and our celebratory day!

Elizebeth T.

Google Review September 2020

First and only bridal salon I needed to go to. Mena picked out so many dresses ahead of time for me to take a look at, all of them fit exactly the description and photos I had sent her, with a few “wild card” dresses that were fun to try! Beautiful store inside, and extremely friendly staff and manager! I felt like Mena really listened to what I liked and didn’t like, and was able to pull new dresses for me, with each one getting closer and closer until I found the one that made me burst into tears. The manager, Nelson truly went above and beyond to help me with my order. I am very happy with my experience!

Anna M.

Google Review August 2020

Lisa’s was the first store that I went to when shopping for my wedding gown. After going to a couple other of places I came back to Lisa’s as they had the best selection and welcoming front desk. I had two appointments with Julie and she did everything she could to make me feel beautiful and comfortable. Julie had great ideas for how I could alter my dress and she had a no pressure sales attitude. I really enjoyed my experience at Lisa’s.

Crystal H.

Google Review August 2020

My experience with Lisa’s Bridal was awesome! I went there three times and each time they always surprise me with a nicer gown. My stylist was Rita, she was nice and patience, she gave me honest opinions and good advice. My finance also bought his tuxedo there, Nilson and the other man helped him.The main reason we chose them was because of their SERVICE, compare to other stores we’ve been to, Lisa’s bridal’s service is the best!

Candice L.

Google Review August 2020

Just found my dress and it was the BEST experience. I went to a few bridal shops prior and no one beat the service at this Salon. Kristen really understood my vision and made the day feel super special. Would 100% recommend other brides to book a consult!

Katelin Y.

Google Review July 2020

I had a wonderful experience at Lisa’s Bridal. Rita was amazing and understanding of my vision on look I was going for on my special day. She had wonderful knowledge of the inventory. She was great at ensuring that I picked the right dress for me. All around a great experience.

Desiree D

Google Review July 2020

I bought my dress from Lisa’s bridal last week! My stylist Julie went above and beyond to make my experience amazing! Fortunately I was able to buy the dress of my dreams and not break my budget! She listened to my comments about what I liked and disliked about the dresses and we were able to find the winner! Nelson was also incredibly helpful and listened to my requests on the phone and got everything sorted! 10/10 would recommend!

Erica D.

Google Review July 2020

Amazing experience. Kyra was my stylist and she was very patient and had many beautiful choices for me to try on. The whole staff was very attentive! Thank you for helping me find my dream wedding dress!!

Johanna L.

Google Review July 2020

My fiancé and I decided to go ahead with a last minute wedding. Julie had emailed me before my first appointment to get a better idea of my dream dress. When I got to the appointment, we were warmly greeted by all the staff, and Julie had a large selection of exactly I was looking for all ready to be tried on. She stayed exactly within my budget as per my request and was extremely helpful in finding my perfect dress and adding accessories to match perfectly!

Caitlin D.

Google Review July 2020

I was so happy with my experience at Lisa’s Bridal. Kyra was incredibly helpful and so nice and welcoming. Prior to my appointment, she reached out to me to get a better idea of what I was looking for in a dress and managed to pull a great selection of dresses for me to try on. All I had to do was show up and try them on, and I said yes to the dress that she picked out for me! Lisa’s Bridal has a great selection of dresses at a wide range of price ranges that will fit any type of budget. I’ve been here many times before for several of my friends’ bridal gown appointments and they’ve all said yes to the dress here! The staff here are always so nice and accommodating.

Jenny W.

Google Review July 2020

I had a great experience at Lisa’s. My stylist Kristin reached out before my appointment to get a good understanding of what I was looking for and she showed me an amazing selection of dresses. She was very attentive and had great suggestions. So excited for my dress!!

Erica V.

Google Review June 2020

Everyone working at this bridal store is amazing, especially Nelson the manager! He was so kind and understanding. He did his best to understand what it was I wanted and made me feel I was important. I love that his ultimate goal was not to simply get a sale but to make me leave the bridal shop with the dress of my dreams. I would highly recommend this store! They also have amazing dresses at a decent price and awesome consultants that are kind and sweet. Couldn’t have imagined a better experience.

Elizabeth G.

Google Review June 2020

I was the only person in the store trying dresses on. The crew at Lisa’s take covid very seriously, yet still making my experience there extremely positive. Kirsten was fantastic. The second dress I tried on was my dream dress but I didn’t want to admit it right away thinking I need to try on more. However, she notices my smile and knew that we have found the perfect one. I would highly recommend Lisa’s bridal to any brides looking for beautiful affordable dresses.

Cherry T.

Google Review July 2020

Can’t recommend Lisa’s enough! My family has always had great success here, so naturally I had to to look for a wedding gown to try my luck. My stylist, Kyra, was an absolute gem from our first email contact and pulled an incredible selection of gowns for me to to try (including THE one). She was patient with my limited knowledge of fabrics and designs and got me in gorgeous gowns I never would have looked at own my own. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, amazing selection of gowns/accessories, can’t go wrong!

Molly K.

Google Review June 2020

I had the most wonderful experience with Lisa’s Bridal. They were able to get me in the salon so quickly, with my next day request and my consultant Juile was amazing! Knowing that my wedding is a short time away she only pulled dresses she knew I could take or order quickly. She helped me connect with my family back in Ontario, and was honest and truthful about how the dresses looked on me, as I was alone for the appointment. Julie is fabulous! I would recommend asking for her to others in the future. It was a great experience!

Kristin M.

Google Review June 2020

In the middle of this pandemic, all the staff at Lisa’s Bridal were AMAZING! I was able to go in, try on dresses, and found the perfect one! Super helpful staff, they answered all my questions, and made it such a great experience despite all the restrictions. Thank you so much!

Contessa S.

Google Review June 2020

Diane was absolutely amazing from the time we walked through the doors .She constantly was smiling ,and so happy to help with finding my friends perfect wedding dress :)which she did .Diane made the experience such a fun one,thank you diane for helping my friend find the most beautiful dress. I would highly recommend Lisa’s bridal.

Sabrina O.

Google Review Feb 2020

Thank you so much Pamela for making this experience for my daughter fun and exciting. The staff were so friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. The atmosphere was like everyone knew each other. The other brides were complimenting and clapping for each other when they found their perfect dresses. Great experience!!


Google Review Jan 2020

We have spent countless hours looking in shops for my daughters prom dress. We walked into Lisa’s bridal and were treated to an outstanding selection of beautiful dresses in an even lovelier well laid out store. Our sales assistant Rita was an absolute delight to work with and helped find the perfect dress! I highly recommend shopping here for any formal attire you will NOT be disappointed.

Julie M.

Google Review Feb 2020

I had such a good time looking for my prom dress at Lisa’s bridal. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and they had a large display of beautiful dresses that could be customized if needed. Additionally, many of the dresses were reasonable priced so you don’t have the break the bank trying to find your dream dress. If that wasn’t good enough, they maintain a registry of your school/event to ensure that no one from you school purchases the same dress in the same color, preventing any embarrassment. It was a really positive experience and I would highly recommend checking it out for prom! 🙂

Malika A.

Google Review Jan 2020

Rita is the absolute sweetest most helpful lady ! She was not pushy to make a sale you could tell she 1000% enjoyed her job and that she sale wasnt what mattered to her. She was genuine and compassionate and made finding my dress the most smooth and beautiful process. ❤❤❤ Thank you Rita and Thank you Lisa’s Bridal !

Nicole A.

Google Review December 2019

I had an amazing experience during my consultation with Lorena. She was exceptional!! very helpful, listened to every detail, and offered great suggestions with the type of gown I was looking for. The store had great selection and very spacious which made it very comfortable to shop in. I highly recommend Lisa’s to anyone looking to purchase a gown!


Google Review November 2019

We went to Lisa’s Bridal Salon in New Westminster looking for a winter formal dress for our daughter. From the moment we walked in the door we were treated with kindness. Kristin really listened to what our daughter was looking for and helped her to find the perfect dress. We are very grateful for the positive experience we had at Lisa’s Bridal Salon in New West. Thank you Kristin. Highly recommend.

Trina H.

Google Review November 2019

I would highly recommend Lisa’s Bridal to anyone looking for a wedding dress. The salon itself is spacious and beautiful, offering a large selection of dresses to choose from – and the staff is exceptional. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and professional. Julie was the consultant who helped my daughter find her dress. She was patient and so helpful when it came to suggesting different styles or adaptations to make the dress just right . Julie remembered us each time we came in for a fitting and she was interested and excited in the wedding plans. Gabby was the seamstress who worked with us. She was so calm and capable and her alterations made the dress fit perfectly. We can’t praise her expertise and demeanour too highly! In the future, I would definitely shop at Lisa’s again for a special occasion dress.

Eileen M.

Google Review October 2019

I had a beautiful experiences with Lisa’s Bridal Salon. All their dresses and the people who works there are amazing. They treated me very good. I’m really happy with my dress. Thank you for everything guys.

Andrea V.

Google Review October 2019

Great experience! Could not have felt more comfortable, just picked up my dress and it turned out great! Everyone was so helpful and they worked with my quick time frame. Alterations were perfect, I also added a quick alteration before I left for a ferry and they were able to make it happen. I wish I could remember everyone’s names but they made it a great first experience for me! I would recommend for everyone to go to Lisa’s bridal. In my opinion I was a low paying customer compared to some dresses and I was still treated the same as everyone else through out the whole process. Grateful for the women who made my experience wonderful!

Savannah G.

Google Review June 2019

I had the most amazing experience. Lots of dresses in reasonable price range. Staff are so great(especially Rita) and will give you honest advice on how dresses look on you. They really take the time to make sure you feel special and get exactly what you want. Highly recommended!!


Google Review October 2019

The ladies at Lisa’s Bridal Salon are absolutely fabulous! Celia was unbelievable. She went above and beyond what I expected to make sure I was happy with my mother of the groom dress purchase. Lorena in alterations was also very helpful. Her knowledge and expertise helped me with making decisions so that I was happy with the final product. I would not hesitate to purchase a special occasion dress from Lisa’s Bridal again.

Paola G.

Google Review June 2019

This morning I travelled from Vancouver to Lisa’s Bridal for my fourth time. This time alone as I did not want to ask my friends for more help. I tried my dress after the second alteration. I was feeling tired and emotional, but excited to finally get the dress done. The seamstress’ name I believe was Elena, a quite, detailed and very professional Russian lady that I had seen before. I tried my dress again and instantly felt happy with her work. I immediately rushed to hug her. As per my surprise, she then went inside her atelier and grab a pair of her shoes. They were new and in my sized. They looked so elegant! She decided to gave them to me and I found myself hugging her for a second time! With few shy smiles she made me feel like cinderella for an instant 🙂 Thank-you again Elena for your valuable help, detail and dedication. You made me very very happy today! I totally recommend your services. You are great! And thanks to Diana, our dress shopper assistant, who enjoy with my friends and I trying different dresses. Finally, many thanks to the professional receptionists for their kind attention and flexibility. If you are one this girls that does not have a clear idea of what dress you want, but you would like to try different styles in different prices, Lisa’s Bridal is definitively the place to go! Even if you live in Vancouver 🙂 Congrats to the store

Marta L.

Google Review Apr 2019

My daughter and I came here today right at opening looking for her grad dress. Right away we were greater warmly by Jenna at the front who got us off to a great start by giving us an explaination of how to find what we were looking for. Soon after we were introduced to Lorena (not sure of spelling sorry) who was just amazing. She really listened to what we were saying as we looked through all the gorgeous dresses and even picked out a dress that had initially not caught my daunghters eye. After trying this dress on first, we all knew it was the one. The staff provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere which we could feel from the other customers in the store as well. This was our first and only stop of the day as we purchased that dress. We had no need to go anywhere else after such a positive experience. Big thanks to the whole team for making our trip from Victoria such a success. We would 100% recommend this store to anyone who’s looking for a formal dress!

Alison W.

Google Review March 2019

Excellent service, and selection that fit my tight budget. This is the third dress I’ve bought here. I’m very pleased and both my daughters love their grad dresses!

Natasha M.

Google Review Feb 2019

Karen was a God send! I gave her a general idea of what I was looking for and she picked the absolute perfect dress from the start. She was also so fun and made the experience very special for me and my ladies. And I LOVE my dress! It is so perfect and she made that possible. Great shop with an ideal price point for quality and a welcoming vibe.

Diana B.

Google Review Jan 2019

Excellent and friendly service by helpful staff with what seems to be infinite patience.

Randolf R.

Google Review Feb 2019

Nice place to shop, you get a lot personal attention.

Aravindan K.

Google Review Jan 2019

Julie,  Thank you so much for helping me find the dress of my dreams! You were such a pleasure to work with and I appreciated your help and your expertise so much. You are amazing at what you do!

Katie W.

Mailed to Lisa's Bridal October 2018

Thank you si much for making my dress sopping experience a perfect one.  I’m still so in love with my dress that Karen picked out on Day One of shopping! You ladies are real professionals and were so amazing to work with – from bookings ti the dress to alterations to my veil, you kept me beaming. THANK YOU.

Lauren E.

Mailed to Lisa's Bridal October 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for selling me the dress of my dreams!


Elisha A.

Facebook Messenger July 19, 2018

We have been to countless bridal salons in the lower mainland and Lisas Bridal is by far the best store! From the moment we arrived to saying yes to the dress, we had the best experience ever! The woman who helped us from the beginning to the end made our experience unforgettable and she picked dresses we never thought of. Best customer service we have ever had, thanks to Shelley. So warm, caring and all around the most amazing woman. She gave us hugs and we left feeling so happy that she found the perfect dress. Thank you so much! This bridal salon was a breathe of fresh air. Great selection of gowns as well with great prices! I will be recommending all family and friends here because of this outstanding experience! If you need a gown ask for Shelley she is outstanding!

Janette D.

Posted to Google April 2018

My best friend is getting married and we went to find her wedding dress – first of all it was totally what I imagined it would be like from watching say yes to the dress lol bit it was awesome! Our lady was so helpful, extremely knowledgeable and very friendly! My friend fell in lover with one dress but didn’t have a size that fit her as a sample and we were sad because we wanted to see it on, well, the manager happened to see this and found one that just came in and hadn’t been put out! It was THE dress and the whole process was awesome! I’m engaged and can’t wait to look their first myself 🙂

Megan F.

Posted to Google February 2018

I got my prom dress here today and i cannot express how happy i was with the service. it was my first time shopping for a formal dress and The lady that was assigned to help me made me feel such a princess. very patient and helped me with my choices. once my mom did the first payment, also the front desk lady (cashier) was super sweet, the lady assigned to me congratulated me for choosing a dress and hugged me and my mom. so much styles to choose from and prices are reasonable for the quality. recommended this to my friends! Highly recommend this place to everyone


Bianca C.

Posted to Google January 2018

I recently visited the salon to buy my daughter her prom dress, we had Shelly help us and she was a Angel!!! Very helpful and so wonderful with my daughter. We found a beautiful dress, and had a all around GREAT experience!

Shoshanna B.

Posted to Google March 2018

Located in new west bridal lane. Great selection in the store. Many many dresses to choose from. Also they have all the accessories and also men’s. It’s best to make an appointment but if you don’t, they are pretty accommodating. You get 1.5 hours usually. Karen is amazing. Fast and efficient and She says it how it is! Ask for her!


Diana L.

Posted to Google January, 2018

I had the best experience here !!! Karen my consultant was amazing !!! She went above and beyond for me and made the experience for my family is much fun !!! She told me which dress would be good for the season and for my body and got me to try dresses on that she knew wouldn’t look good for I knew what to better look for which I loved !!! I ended up finding my dress the second dress I tried on but we still tried more on after just to be sure but the dress I picked out is absolutely the dress of my dreams and I can not wait till my wedding day to try it on. I can’t wait to get it back and come back to see Karen and to visit Lisa’s bridal! All brides should come here and have Karen as their consultant !!! Such a beautiful location and amazing experience !!! I can’t wait to get my dress in and start fittings 😍


Elizabeth C.

Posted to Google January 2018

My stylist was Irene and she was incredible! I was a walk-in and they fit me in on a busy Sunday (today). I only have 3 months to my wedding date, which means I couldn’t custom order and a low budget (on the lowest end for most stores). Irene only showed me things in my budget range and even emphasized the ones in the lower end of my range. She was kind, sweet, so patient and really, really helpful!

I found the perfect dress within my budget. Throughout the fitting I was humming and hawing over the last two dresses and she didn’t push me or rush me. So great! Other associates helped me and even the manager helped me out.

I had an amazing experience and I found a great dress without breaking the bank!


Amrita R.

Posted to Google January 14, 2018

I am so glad that I came to Lisa’s Bridal Salon in Oct of 2016 (on recommendation of another bridal shop), it was the one store where I found THE DRESS. I had visited about half a dozen other stores, and all of the dresses could work but I hadn’t been over the moon about any. So much so, that I thought settling was normal.
When I arrived for my appointment, I had a pretty specific list of what I thought I wanted. Lorena, picked the dresses that I outlined and then asked if I would try a few she would pick for my body type. I had been wanting a professional to help me, but I had yet to find a store associate that knew the exact fits of the dresses.
In the fitting room we started with the dresses I wanted, and I had the same unsure reaction knowing they could work but were nothing outstanding. Then I tried her picks, and they blew me out of the water. At first I wasn’t sure I could pull them off as they were entirely different from what I thought. Lorena was so professional and encouraging, she actually told me today would not be the day I would decide, that instead I should go home and sleep on it for a few days as the style was new to me, come back, retry and then I would know. Boy was she right. As soon as I got home that night, I cancelled the other two appointments at stores I had not been to. I knew without a doubt that I would be saying yes to the dress at Lisa’s Bridal.
When I came back for the second time, I knew the instant I put the dress on that it was the one. I honestly can’t imagine my wedding day without this dress. I received endless compliments and I truly felt that I was the most beautiful bride I could be.
My entire experience at Lisa’s Bridal was fantastic. Along with the dress I ordered the veil, it was simple, classic, and a perfect compliment. I also did my alterations with Lisa’s Bridal, the dress fit perfect after the one fitting.
I would 100% recommend Lisa’s Bridal to anyone.

Kate M.

From Facebook July 9, 2017

I cannot begin to explain the exceptional experience I had at Lisa’s Bridal. From first appointment to my very last, all staff were patient, down to earth and personal, I truly felt like the most important person in the room, even with many other brides coming and going. Most importantly, Tina, took care of every detail for me when making my dress fit me perfectly. Being alone for my fittings with my family so far away, was hard but Tina took me under her wing and I truly felt like her family. She put in extra hours, was diligent, efficient and professional. I left the salon feeling over flowing with emotion, happy my dress was perfect, and feeling so blessed that I was lucky to have met someone with such a beautiful soul like Tina. Through this process as a bride, you do not realize the amount of people that will play significant roles into making sure your big day is extra special, people that you will likely never encounter again, but they do, they sometimes play the biggest and most important roles and Tina was one of those people. To all the brides considering Lisa’s – you won’t be disappointed, the staff are salt of the earth individuals who truly want you to have the BEST experience, and will ensure you do from beginning to end.

Heather S.

From Facebook July 7, 2017

I went here this past Saturday with my mom, sister and bff. From the moment we walked in it was great service. Our consultant Karen was amazing, I showed her a picture of the style of dress I was interested in and she knew exactly what dress to pull. We pulled about 10 dresses but only tried on the one that she recommended and it was the one. I didn’t bother trying on the others. Karen gave us all advice on how to wear/walk and take care of the dress on the big day and wasn’t scared to be honest, she was just amazing and personable. I would highly recommend this salon to everyone.


Alicia L.

Posted to Google November 2017

Ah! I cannot say enough great things about Lisa’s Bridal! I went there after thinking I might have found my dress at another Salon but gosh did they ever top that dress! I will say that I had a great experience at the first salon as well but that just didn’t end up being the dream dress! We walked into Lisa’s a little early for my appointment so one of the staff members, Nelson, brought myself and entourage in early to look around. I showed him a photo of what I was looking for and he pulled the most beautiful dress I had ever seen! My consultant Lorena was equally as incredible. She was patient but also knew all the right questions to ask to ensure I found my dream dress. Low and behold that first dress was it and I said yes to the dress! Lorena pulled the perfect veil to match and I never wanted to take the dress off! I highly recommend Lisa’s bridal as a one of the first stops for dress shopping!


Courtney S.

Posted to Google September 2017

Bought my daughters grad dress from here.. Beautiful dresses.. fantastic customer service!

Carol W.

From Facebook February 17, 2017

I purchased a gorgeous ball gown for my Hawaiian wedding before realizing it may be too unmanageable for the ‘trash the dress’ session we also planned. I needed a second dress – fast! Rita nailed it right away, choosing a flowy dress with a train that would look great in the water but not weigh me down.

Everyone at Lisa’s was so kind, interested, and helpful. They were always on top of my rush order. Sheila in alterations deserves a special shout out for her patience, expert advice and quality of work.

Trashing the dress was a blast. And despite its ill treatment, there were no tears, missing beading, or stains.


Lesle S

Via email

Picked up my dress from alterations this morning and couldn’t be happier with Lisa’s Bridal. The process from start to finish was exceptional. My dress fits like a dream and their seamstress that handled my questions and alterations was fantastic and lovely to work with.
I would recommend this store to any bride to be <3 Thanks to the Lisa’s Bridal team! You guys are great!

Victoria B.

From Facebook June 24, 2017

We are the parents of the bride and she is our only child so this moment has to be special. I want to say that our consultant Rita was fantastic from the moment we walked in the door. She put a dress on our daughter that just took our breath away, she knew what exactly would be our daughter’s taste. I want to tell all of you brides to go here as you will say “YES” to the dress for sure

Denise M.

From Facebook May 13, 2017

I had an amazing experience at Lisa’s bridal. My consultant was Diane and she was incredible! From the moment we walk in the door we were treated great. She listened to what I want but also knew what would look best on my body, giving me the best dress I could have ever imagined. It is my dream dress and I thank her very much! I highly suggest asking for Diane!

Brittany W.

From Facebook April 13, 2017

We had the best experience.Julia was exceptional.My daughter could not decide on a Grad dress and Julia was so great.She showed my daughter so many different styles and was so patient.We choose a dress and went back a week later and choose something else and then went back to the original and Julia handled it ALL for us.Thankyou Julia,you are the BEST.

Lygia M.

From Facebook May 31, 2017

We had our wedding in September and it was such a special day. And now that the dust has settled, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to you Annabelle, and as well to Sheila in alterations.  It’s hard to choose words good enough to describe my sincere appreciation. From the moment I stepped into Lisa’s Bridal, to the day I went home with my dream dress in tow, the experience was warm, genuine, hospitable and professional with personal.
You both do such a good job in your positions.
So thank you so very much for “being you”.



Via email

I would like to thank everyone who helped make my day possible including Shelley who helped pick out the bridesmaid dresses.


Via Email

I had a great experience with Lisa’s bridal when I shopped there in September last year! Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the girl who helped me pick my dress, but she was fantastic. I also dealt with Rita later on when my dress came in, which was only three months after we ordered, and she was also very helpful.

But most importantly I’d like to thank Sheila, who did my alterations! She was amazing, and since I was from out of town she did my fittings and alterations all in one day so I was able to leave with it the next day. She very obviously had a lot of experience and did an incredible job!

Carmen M.

From Facebook October 7, 2016

My name is Chantelle and I had an amazing experience with Annabelle as my consultant. I highly recommend anyone looking for their dream dress to see Annabelle! She was lovely and knew exactly what to recommend. Looking for ideas with Annabelle felt like I was designing my own dress, the options were endless and I never heard ‘no’. Annabelle was by my side each step of the way and found my dream wedding dress. I walked out of Lisa’s Bridal excited to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams. I cannot wait till my hubby sees me in my wedding dress!!

If you want to find your dream dress and feel like you have your own personal Angel, than I recommend Annabelle. She knew what I wanted and helped me find it. Thank you!

Chantelle L.

From Facebook November 28, 2016

After 2 days of shopping with my beautiful mother and my amazing mother-in-law, I just said YES TO THE DRESS!!!! Rita at Lisa’s Bridal was just lovely and stuck with me from beginning to end! I am SO excited to walk down the aisle toward the man of my dreams!

Rachel T.

From Facebook September 28, 2016

Came in with my sister in law to be and the rest of the family to help my sister pick a wedding gown and we had the best time ever! Really great service and so much care and true heart went into finding her a gown. The lady was so real, listened so well, was so warming and picked out gowns she would have never thought she would love and did! We’re all excited to come back next week and get the wedding gown! Outstanding work! Best customer service we all have ever encountered for sure.

Kelsey H.

From Facebook August 23, 2016

Hi. I just received a thank you note from Erika and it reminded me that I meant to write a review of my experience at Lisa’s Bridal. I went to your store on Aug. 13 with my fiance’ parents. My consultant, Erika, initially took me around the store to show me dresses and get a bit of input. Then she took initiative and brought gowns based on that. Based on the gowns she brought, I felt like she had a really good idea not only what suited me but also the style/feel that we were looking for. We were really impressed.

Overall, the store not only had a lot of selection, but a great consultant who made me feel like a bride. Other stores I had gone to seemed to have less selection or a consultant who relied on me to pick out gowns, which kind of makes the appointment overwhelming and a bit confused.

I felt like Erika was genuine and she didn’t pressure the sale. I left that day with 3 beautiful choices to think about, but came back two days after to purchase my dress.

Dianne Y.

From Facebook September 19, 2016

Shelley was absolutely AMAZING to work with! Lisa’s was the fourth store I went to, and I was extremely overwhelmed and annoyed at most of the previous stores. I was feeling anxious and discouraged, but Shelley was so calming! She listened to my description, was genuine, and she was super gracious with us when we came back to the store three times to re try on the same dress! I said yes, and couldn’t be happier! Plus, it definitely had the best selection out of all the stores I went to!

Dana W.

From Facebook August 12, 2016

Anyone who gets Vivian is so freaking lucky. She is amazing and pulled so many beautiful dresses that I wouldn’t have initially been drawn to. We found one my team loved… I said yes to the dress…then maybe… then no. She was understanding and didn’t put any pressure on me.

I came back a few weeks later and she was AMAZING again. We found a different dress that I loved and actually ended up purchasing (without pressure). I’m actually excited about my wedding day now and this is hugely due to Vivian’s help. Great experience.

Kristy L.

From Facebook June 4, 2016

Found my perfect dress this past Saturday! I was running a bit behind but the store was accommodating. Friendly atmosphere, I was a bit nervous as it was the first wedding gown shopping I have ever done, they made me feel like a princess. I am absolutely thrilled to finish planning my big day. Thank you!

Elisha S.

From Facebook July 25, 2016

I went to Lisa’s bridal today to look for a wedding dress and found the PERFECT one! Vivian was so helpful, careful in detail, and made me feel special! I will definitely be recommending Vivian at Lisa’s Bridal to all my friends and family who will be getting married in the future. As well I have been to several stores, and nothing compared to the design and quality of Lisa’s Bridal at very decent prices!! I can’t wait when my order comes in and the final dress fitting! Thank you Vivian for your outstanding service today!!!

Carmen C.

From Facebook February 28, 2016

We visited Lisa’s Bridal Salon yesterday and Annabelle assisted us with the dress fitting. She was absolutely amazing, she went above and beyond and you can tell she is very passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. She explained prices and all options for alterations, she pinned me up with lace where I wanted it and explained the cost of altering the back and any other parts. I feel like she was actually having fun trying on dresses with us. Anyone who goes to Lisa’s please ask for Annabelle you will not be disappointed.

Luna S.

From Facebook June 24, 2016

Thank you so much for helping me find my dress today. Vivian was great and picked the perfect dress for me, which I love and didn’t want to take off. Great service, and one happy bride.
Can’t wait for my dress to arrive in a few months

Kathryn M.

From Facebook January 4, 2016

I had an awesome experience at Lisa’s bridal im most certain my girl was Julie and she was amazing. I found my wedding dress on the first day looking and she made the experience unforgettable

Randi F.

From Facebook October 13, 2015

Got my dress for graduation here. All the consultants were AMAZING and they made me feel so happy picking out a dress! Definitely would recommend

Keona W.

From Facebook July 1, 2015

Just wanted to give a huge heartfelt thank you to the entire staff at Lisa’s Bridal. Right from my first appointment in April to my final fitting earlier this week, I was greeted by outstanding customer service, care and attention to detail. As you well know, selecting a bridal gown is a huge decision but Lisa’s Bridal made me feel confident and 100% happy with my purchase! Thank you ladies at Lisa’s Bridal!

Megan R.

From Facebook July 2, 2015

Just went for my wedding dress fitting today and boy do these ladies take care of you!! My parents live across the country, so my mom was not going to be able to see me in my wedding dress with the veil at my fitting. I was hoping to FaceTime her, but my charger stopped working and my phone was about to die! Not only did the girls at Lisa’s scramble around the store to help find me a charger, but Sheila, the incredible seamstress that she is, is also a problem solver! She added my mom to her FaceTime so that we could make it happen. It brought some happy tears to all our eyes when my mom was able to see me from across the country!

Not only do I love their dresses, but the customer service at Lisa’s Bridal is incredible! Would highly recommend!

Shannon F.

From Facebook June 6, 2015

I luv luv luv the ladies at Lisa’s Bridal. I went for my first fitting and could not even get the dress over my hips (ordered my dress last year and recently found out I was pregnant) I was devastated that I couldn’t try on my dress. Sheila the seamstress was so calm and reassuring. She asked me to come back in an hour while she let out the seams. When I returned, I was able to try on my dress and discuss options for my ever expanding waist line. Both Diane and Sheila show true customer service and you can feel the love they have for their brides. They make you feel like family.

Lisa M.

From Facebook April 10, 2015

Brought my niece in to find a grad dress after looking in multiple cities and days on end. Couldn’t tell you how amazed I am & how happy she. The lady found her the perfect dress. Couldn’t be happier! Greatest customer service we have ever encountered. A young lady named shelly think her name was did an incredible job. Never had such a great experience because of her. Will be bringing my sister in law here now to get her wedding gown hands down best experiece Thanks to the young lady! Thanks Lisa bridal salon .

Diane A.

From Facebook February 23, 2015

“Thank you for helping me find my perfect dress! Special thank you to Sheila for doing such an amazing job on the alterations”


Posted on Facebook March 21, 2015

I just purchased my wedding dress there this month, and Val was amazing at helping me find what I was looking for! She made the experience fantastic, and really helped me focus on how the dresses made me feel, as well as how they looked. Can’t wait until it arrives!

Jessica G.

From Facebook January 23, 2015

This was the first place I looked at to find my grad dress, and absolutely fell in love. I went to look in other dress stores, but nothing compared to quality and service of this one. The employees are very friendly and experienced. I’m extremely glad I bought my grad dress from here, not only because the dress was unique and absolutely gorgeous, but also because the alterations were extremely well done. I’m glad to have trusted my dress in their hands.

Overall, I’m very impressed and would definitely recommend this store to everyone.

Sristika C. , From Facebook March 19, 2015

Diane was the person whom helped me find my wedding dress. She made the experience amazing! If you ever go here, ask for Diane. She is a miracle worker!

Natasha C.

From Facebook January 2, 2015

Want to thank Lisa’s Bridal and Leading Man Tuxedo for everything you have done in making our wedding perfect. My wedding dress was beautiful! We originally went with another company for the men’s tuxedos and had a horrible experience with this other rental company – so we asked Leading Man for help!! The staff had no problems fitting 10 tuxedos for us in a very short period of time! The groomsmen looked handsome and all tuxedos were a perfect fit. We totally appreciate the hard work that the staff at Lisa’s Bridal and Leading Man Tuxedo did for us. Thanks again!

Carla L.

From Facebook October 29, 2014

On August 26, my daughter and I dropped in just to see what type of grad dresses were available. As soon as we entered, we were warmly greeted by Diane. Diane was an amazing help! Based on the information my daughter gave her, Diane found several wonderful dresses to try on. Diane’s knowledge, listening skills, and honest input were invaluable. My daughter ended up leaving the store with HER perfect dress. I am very grateful and impressed with the service Diane provided us at Lisa’s Bridal Salon.

Terry S.

From Facebook September 12, 2014

I just wanted to say that you guys have incomparable service, you are incredibly helpful, upbeat, and positive

Melissa N.

From Facebook January 14, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was there on Tuesday when I came in to look at dresses with my mom and Friend. I love my dress and Rita was an amazing consultant. I couldn’t be happier with how that day went thanks guys.

Amber B.

From Facebook May 2, 2013

Thank You so much for everything that your Salon did for me, getting my wedding dress made and sent all the way to Australia! My wedding was over the weekend and I felt amazing in the dress! You and the staff helped make the process so much easier, thank a million!

Leslie J.

From Facebook October 13, 2012

Thanks for all your help Yesterday Vivian! So happy to have found such a perfect beautiful dress for my country wedding!!

Jodi N.

From Facebook November 3, 2013

Thank you so much for helping me find the right dress! you guys are honestly the best!:)

Bridgette C.

From Facebook January 19, 2013

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