Meet Rebecca + James

Romantic lace in a beautiful silhouette was Rebecca’s choice to impress her husband James.  Stunning!

Meet Kelly + Brady

Kelly knew her dream dress when she saw it!  This is a  lovely dress that enhances Kelly’s beautiful smile.

Meet Virginia + Keyhan

With the assistance of consultant Rita and our tuxedo division Leading Man Tuxedos, Virginia and Keyhan are the very essence of elegance.

A Beautiful Bride

                Brittany chose a stunning gown with the help of her bridal consultant Rita Rae.  After the wedding we received a lovely thank you note with a creative ‘Thank you’ picture we just had to...

Meet Kimberley + Chris

                We had to share some beautiful photos that have been sent to us over the last couple of wedding season.  This week we are proud to feature Kimberley and Chris and their entire wedding party!  Married in 2010,...

Meet Darienne & Joe

Lisa’s Bridal Salon and Leading Man Tuxedos were proud to be a part of this outdoor Whistler wedding.  Read and see more by clicking here.