“I am so glad that I came to Lisa’s Bridal Salon in Oct of 2016 (on recommendation of another bridal shop), it was the one store where I found THE DRESS. I had visited about half a dozen other stores, and all of the dresses could work but I hadn’t been over the moon about any. So much so, that I thought settling was normal.
When I arrived for my appointment, I had a pretty specific list of what I thought I wanted. Lorena, picked the dresses that I outlined and then asked if I would try a few she would pick for my body type. I had been wanting a professional to help me, but I had yet to find a store associate that knew the exact fits of the dresses.
In the fitting room we started with the dresses I wanted, and I had the same unsure reaction knowing they could work but were nothing outstanding. Then I tried her picks, and they blew me out of the water. At first I wasn’t sure I could pull them off as they were entirely different from what I thought. Lorena was so professional and encouraging, she actually told me today would not be the day I would decide, that instead I should go home and sleep on it for a few days as the style was new to me, come back, retry and then I would know. Boy was she right. As soon as I got home that night, I cancelled the other two appointments at stores I had not been to. I knew without a doubt that I would be saying yes to the dress at Lisa’s Bridal.
When I came back for the second time, I knew the instant I put the dress on that it was the one. I honestly can’t imagine my wedding day without this dress. I received endless compliments and I truly felt that I was the most beautiful bride I could be.
My entire experience at Lisa’s Bridal was fantastic. Along with the dress I ordered the veil, it was simple, classic, and a perfect compliment. I also did my alterations with Lisa’s Bridal, the dress fit perfect after the one fitting.
I would 100% recommend Lisa’s Bridal to anyone.”
Kate M. (Facebook July 9, 2017)